BACKORDER... The plates are in production and will be ready to be delivered end of November.


X Gantry only, the Z gantry is retained as wheels sets. if you want to upgrade to Z and Z linear rails see here


Convert your WorkBee X Gantry to linear rail. These plates fit onto YOUR X Gantry Back and Front plates to give you linear rail ability on your X Axis C-Beam's.


The linear rail upgrade is designed for 15mm rails and guides, the linear guides need to be the small width type as shown in the picturs above.


The necessary hardware is included  to attach the linear plates to the existing WorkBee plates (linear rail hardware is optional)



For the linear guides: 16 of M4 x 8mm Allen Bolts

For the linear rail to C-Beam attachment: M4 x 14mm bolts and drop in M4 T-Nuts 100 of


No original WorkBee parts are included,  pictures are for reference only.

WorkBee Linear Rail X Gantry Plates Upgrade

Include bolts / locknuts
  • Item Number Quantity Part-Configuration Name Comment
    1 1 WorkBee NEW-X-PLATE-FRONT Not included
    2 16 M5-NYLOC-NUT Supplied
    3 16 M5 x 15mm Low Profile Screw Supplied
    4 1 Back Drill Plate Supplied
    5 1 WorkBee Z-PLATE Not included
    6 16 M4x8 Supplied
    7 1 WorkBee 8mm Acme Nut Block Not Supplied
    8 2 Aluminum Spacer 3mm Not Supplied
    9 4 HGH15CA Optional
    10 2 WorkBee Low Profile Screw M5_M5 x 20 Not Supplied
    11 2 WorkBee Nylon Insert Lock Nut M5 Not Supplied
    12 1 WorkBee NEW-X-15mmLinearPLATE-BACK Not Supplied
    13 2 X Gantry Linear Upgrade Plate Supplied

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