Complete triple plate gantry set, used typically to run on an X axis with a Z Axis attached, this  gantry has two plates to straddle the X axis allowing the leadsrew to be put at the back of the X linear rail and a Single Gantry to hold the Z axis rail.

Triple plate LEAD CNC XL T12 / Tr12 X/Z Axis Gantry

  • Item Number Quantity Part-Configuration Name
    1 8 M8 x 3mm - Spacer
    2 20 M8 x 6.75mm Spacer
    3 4 M8 Locknut
    4 8 M8 1mm Shim
    5 8 M8SolidWheelSet - normal8mmbearing
    6 12 Spacer10x8x0.25mm
    7 1 TITAN-GANTRY - TR12-6 wheels
    8 4 M8 Eccentric Spacer
    9 4 M8x80 bolt
    10 2 TITAN-M8_Gantry_Plate
    11 1 TR12_SBR_Kit



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