This kit represents an evolutionary step forward for openbuilds kits.


The Lead Nuts & Mounts have been upgraded to be secure, rigid, and robust which helps to prevent the usual judder and jitter present in most openbuilds cnc kits. PLUS, longer actuators can be made, even up to 3M length.

TR8 / TR12, M8 WHEELS CNC KIT XYZ STAGES - Self Assemble Evolution openbuilds

SKU: 0001

    Shown in the pictures are the new mounts, with anti-backlash nuts, and either TR8 or TR12 lead nuts.

    Compare the new mounts to the traditional openbuilds largest lead nut. The surface area of the new nuts is far greater than the small openbuilds type, providing far more grip and stability AND they allow 12mm lead screws to be used!

    As if the above was not a MAJOR upgrade to openbuilds kit we then went one stage further and added M8 (8mm) wheel sets


    M8 wheel sets means less wheels because M8 (8mm) is very, very rigid already. There is no need to have up to 16 wheel sets (openbuilds workbee) on ONE Y gantry to aid stability.

    The new nut & wheel kits kit allows us to create a cnc kit that will machine harder & faster, cut deeper, and cut stronger.

    The first design is ready, shown above is what is for sale, the entire XYZ stages of the kit is BUILT, ready for you to buy C-Beam rails to determine what size kit you want.

    The kit can be put into any size kit you need from a small 500x500 kit up to a 3000x2000 kit, the choice is yours.

    EVERY single mehanical part is supplied for you, from the smallest nut, to the largest kit section.

    Please be aware the x/y lead screws are not included in this sale but we can supply them, this also applies to the c-beam rails, they are not included but we can supply them.

    Please note, the angle connectors on the Y rails are not needed, and they actually shorten the Y cut distance so unless you specifically ask for these we will not send them.

    Also, the Motor Couplers will not be sent unless specifically asked for because we do not know what diameter your motor shafts are, and lastly this image shows the C-Beam end plates for the Z axis, these too have been upgraded now to TR12 plates.

  • If you are not happy for ANY reason, simply let us know, return the order and we will refund.

    Note. The order must be returned in the original or as good as or better packaging and the order must not be damaged.