BACKORDER... The plates are in production and will be ready to be delivered end of November.


Upgrade your WorkBee to fit an Anti-Twist Wheel set and X Back Plate. 


Help alleviate that twist you get on the X axis when cutting!


Talley Y Gantry Plates are included in the set. These Y gantry plates are 50mm Taller than the standard set and allow:


  • Anti Twist Wheel Set to be fitted to the X Back Plate
  • 30mm more Z travel
  • Less X axis twist
  • Upgrade your 2040 to 4040 profile for a ore rigid anti-twist set (not included in the set)


Plates are powder coated satin black, for a cool look.

Taller WorkBee Y Gantry Plates and X Axis Anti-Twist Plate set

  • 2 of 50mm Taller Y Gantry Plates

    2 of Flanged bearing to fit Y gantry plates

    1 X Axis Back Plate

    1 Anti Twist Plate for the X Back Plate

    4 Sets wheels to fit as the Anti Twist mechanism

    3 of M5 x 65mm bolts (to allow the 3mm anti-twist steel plate to be fitted)

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