A linear actuator, or linear slider is a linear rail with a motorised gantry whoch can typically be moved up and down the linear rail.


Our actuators can be up to 3M in length, but anything over 2M is a special order, contact us if this is you.


These linear sliders can be used for hundreds of different projects. CNC is the obvious use of choice and that is the purpose we sell them for, but if you have other uses let us know if you have questions.


Our actuators come with several optional accessories giving you as much choice as possible for your project.


Ours utilise T12 / TR12x3 (12mm diameter, 3mm pitch) leadscrew and M8 bolt Wheel Sets, which for CNC purposes allow you to machine harder, cut faster and cut deeper.


Our actuators form the basis of several different CNC designs and are classed as the next generation openbuilds linear actuator sets. Each has enhanced lead nuts designed to be able to let you machine harder than traditional openbuilds nuts


Check out the detailed INFO page here


NOTE, this item is for the linear rail, the lead screw, a single gantry set, the end plates, and the necessary hardware such as screws, lock nuts, bolts, washers etc. The gantry can be changed as required


The length stated on the options is the length of the linear rail, the leadscrew will be 40mm longer to accomodate the end plates and the coupling for the motor.


Complete, ready to asemble T12 / TR12 leadscrew, M8 wheel sets linear actuator


Full content list below:


  • Linear Rail (initial price is for 250mm length)
  • TR12 Leadscrew (variable length, changing the linear rail includes a change to the lead screw length)
  • Non-Motor End Plate Set
  • Motor End Plate Set (with Motor Spacers (choice)
  • Single Gantry Set, including 6 wheel sets
  • Coupling (12mm one end then either 6.35mm (1/4in) or 8mm)


X Y Z Axis Single Actuator, M8 Wheel Sets, with T12 / TR12 3mm pitch Leadscre

SKU: 0007
  • Gantries:

    The single plate gantry is included in the original price.

    The Dual plate gantry