Precision trapezoidal threaded spindleTR 16X4 Right Thread C35 / C45, various lengths

NM-TR16x4 Right

SKU: 0015
  • Technical specifications:

    Length (L): choose

    Thread: 16x4 right, rolled. according to ISO 2901/2903 and DIN 103

    Gradient (P): 4mm Diameter

    (D): 16mm

    Thread quality: 7e Smallest dimension

    Flank diameter (D1): 13.640mm

    Maximum dimension Flank diameter (D1): 13.905mm

    Core diameter (D2): 10.80mm

    Pitch angle: 5 ° 16'

    Gradient accuracy to 300mm: 50μm Weight (kg / m): 1.2kg / m

    Material: C35E / C45E