Very high quality 15mm square, Linear Rail & Carriage sets for Linear Plate Upgrade for the WorkBee X 1500mm, Y 1500mm model.


Please take note. Our Linear rails and carriages are ordered direct from our supplier in China. Once your order is paid for the supplier is notified and then the parcel is sent directly to you to keep costs as low as possible, we are given the tracking number when this happens and we pass that information on to you. 


However there are VAT and customs charges to pay when the parcel arrives in the UK. Normally these charges are paid direct to the courier by you before the courier will deliver the parcel. Unfortunately we have zero control over any of these additional costs as they are dependent on how the courier calculates the tariffs due. 


Contents of sets:


X axis, 2 rails 1450mm length, 4 of carriages

Y axes, 4 rails, 1450mm length, 2 sets of 4 carriages, 8 in total 

Z gantry, 2 rails, 240mm length, 4 carriages 


Anti-Twist Set: This is what makes our kit the best available option!

X axis, 2 rails 1490mm length, 2 of carriages.


Note. Includes shipping to UK / EU only, the price does  not include customs or vat charges, you will pay these direct to the courier company.

Linear Rails & Carriages X1500, Y 1500mm Full Set (CARRIAGE INC!)

SKU: WBX1500Y1500