Similar upgrade to the WorkBee CNC V1 upgrade but with T12 (12mm) Power Mount Lead Nuts included!


Upgrade your teeny tiny Y gantry lead nuts to these suregrip T12 anti-backlash power lead nuts AND at the same time fit T12 (TR12) 12mm, lead screws, giving you a massive upgrade to your WorkBee CNC!


The 12mm T12 screws are a really significant upgrade to 8mm screws, the screws are so much more stronger AND we provide 12mm Torsion Tension Bearings to virtually eliminate whipping of the lead screws.


Everything you need to upgrade your Y gantry to 12mm lead screws is included including new Y end plates for your C-Beam!



WorkBee CNC Upgrade T1 - Y Gantries only, T12 (12mm) leadscrews

  • 2 of Power Lead Nut kits (12mm Power Lead Nut & Power Mount, bolts and other hardware)

    2 of Y Gantry End Plates with 12mm bearings and Torsion Tension System

    7 of 65mm Low Profile Bolts

    Spacers, 4 of 6mm, 1mm and 0.5mm for each wheel set (7 sets)

  • For experienced CNC DIY'ers the change to these suregrip anti-backlash leadnuts may be easier than you think.

    REMOVE the Y gantry you are working on from the WorkBee CNC

    Step1: Place the Y gantry somewhere you find comfortable where you know you can perform some maintenance.

    Step2: Remove all the wheel sets, try to keep ALL of the parts in the same sequence

    Step3: Insert the 65mm bolts into the Y gantry plate, stack the Y gantry plate on its side with the bolt head on the flat surface.

    Step4. Add the 6mm, 1mm and .5mm new spacers to each bolt

    Step5. Add each wheel set in turn to each bolt

    Step6: Add the inner gantry plate

    Step7: Add the locknuts and tighten

    Step8: Add the Power Mount using only the two lower screw sets, do NOT fully tighten yet. 

    Rebuild onto WorkBee CNC Y axis, threading the 8mm leadscrew into the lead nut as necessary.


    Now gradually tighten the Power Mount bolts, constantly moving the X/Y gantry back and forth untill all bolts are tightened.

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