Trapezoidal thread spindle T12 RTS TR 12X3 right various lengths, up to 3M (3M special order, contact us) this product is 1500mm length


Quality product from the European market leader!


Technical data:

Length (L): 1.5m

Thread: 12x3 right, rolled. according to ISO 2901/2903 and DIN 103

Slope (P): 3mm

Diameter (D): 12mm

Thread quality: 7e

Small size flank diameter (D1): 10.191mm

Largest size flank diameter (D1): 10,415mm

Core diameter (D2): 7.84mm

Pitch angle: 5°17

Slope accuracy to 300mm: 300 micronsWeight (kg/m): 0.7kg/mMaterial: C15E

T12 / TR12 3mm pitch 1500mm total length (No Machining)

SKU: TR12x3-1500