Our C-Rail Gantry set is designed to work specifically with C-Rail Linear Rails or 20x80mm V-Slot extrusion.


As with all CNCGear product range sets, this gantry has M8 wheel sets and T12 / Tr12x3 Leadnut mount, for extra rigidity compared to standard openbuilds gantry sets.

Single LEAD CNC XL T12 CNCGear Gantry Set T12 / Tr12 / M8 bolt Wheel Set

SKU: 0013
Choose option
  • Option1: Gantry plate and TR12x3 leadnut & mout set

    Option2: As above with 4 wheel sets, 2 of eccentric & 2 of spacer sets

    Option3: Option1, but with 6 wheel sets, 3 of eccentric & 3of spacer sets

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