Please note.. the plate sets are not coated or painted, they are bare metal so may have scratches or marks which when coated would not be seen.


Mechanical kit only!


Delivery is 7 to 8 weeks from payment.


The BlackBee CNC takes an massive  step in the performance of Openbuilds type CNC machines.


Buy once.. Buy the best... Is the motto for this kit because without any doubt this is the best kit in its class. We do not state that lightly, we have designed this kit to be the very best, the most rigid, and above all we have raise the bar very, very high for this kit and the class of CNC kits the kit has as competition.


Buy Once.. Buy the best... simply means, when you purchase the BlackBee CNC kit you receive everything that the other kits in the same class add on later.. don't add on later, buy included!


Unique out of the box thinking has allowed us to create the ultimate CNC kit in its class. Dynamic 12mm diameter Ball screw motion, with integrated ball screw mounts, the first ever to be made this way, coupled with 15mm HGR type linear rails, HGH Carriages and an Anti-Twist mechanism built in so you have  the most rigid CNC kit in its class right out of the box.


Comprising speed, rigidity and flexibility in a tough easy to build  platform. The BlackBee CNC kit is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the maker, enthusiast and small business that strive to create, share and innovate.


Small business small budget.. right?.. Not a problem with this kit, set at a price to encourage the professional hobby maker and small business to purchase.


We can gurantee this kit can be used as a production machine, professional capacity built in. Use 247 to enhance your businessMachine harder, machine deeper, machine faster.


BlackBee CNC specifications as shown here


Current delivery period in excess of 4 to 5 weeks, please do not order if you expect delivery before that time period.



Mechanical kit Consists of:


Aluminium Extrusion 1500mm, 1000mm, or 250mm, 12mm ball screw, length to suit extrusion, machined to fit 8m bearings, ball nut & ball mount, Motor end plate, non motor end plate, Stepper motor spacers, thrust bearings, shims

  • 2of 15mm HGH type linear rail motion actuators 1000mm, 1 of 12mm ball screws and ball screw mounts

  • 2 of 15mm HGH type linear rail motion actuators 1500mm, 2 of 12mm ball screws and ball screw mounts

  • 1 of 15mm HGH type rail motion actuators 300mm, 1 of 12mm ball screws and ball screw mounts

  • 2 of HGR 1500mm linear rails sets for the Anti-Twist extrusion

  • Anti-Twist Tall Y gantry plates (50mm taller)

  • Extra C-Beam for Anti-Twist, eliminates twist on the X axis completely

  • 2 of 2080  base strut extrusions with connectors

  • Taller End plates to allow full use of 250mm Z (normal use is around 50mm travel only)

  • X/Z Gantry linear motion drive

  • Complete base frame to support spoil board (not including spoil board), with 2 of rigidity plates for Y c-beams (stops the Y c-beams moving in or out, attaches to base to enhance rigidity)

  • Nema 23 motor mounts

  • Corner brackets to secure all extrusions in place

  • All hardware (bolts, nuts, washers etc) to assemble for all above

  • Please note Stepper Couplers are not included because we don't know what type of stepper motor you will use. The ball screw end diameter is 6.35mm / 1/4in.



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Please note.. the plate sets are not coated or painted, they are bare metal so may have scratches or marks which when coated would not be seen.


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