Available early January 2021!


Choose FIXED X axis, with standard Z gantry for highly accurate machining of up to 40mm height materials, or choose the Variable height X/Z gantry for machining much thicker materials such as foam. The accuracy is maintained at all times.


The most advanced C-Beam machine available.


We cannot call this an openbuilds kit because only the extrusions used are openbuilds type, and some screws, but apart from that this is a whole new machine for the CNC market.


  • TWIN X Axis rails, No more X axis TWIST!!!
  • TWIN T12 (12mm) lead screws drive every axis, X, Y and Z
  • High Z capability, 12mm twin screws drive the X axis up and down. 
  • T12 Lead nuts (shown here) power the drive train, say goodbye to machine chatter and lead screw whip 
  • Torsion bearings on the X and Y axes, eleminates lead screw whip
  • All gantry plates are custom designed by us to be in unison with the machine.
  • M8 bolts on all wheel sets 
  • Unique sled gantry houses the spindle and optional Rack / Pinion drive
  • Twin Nema motors on every drive axis for more force
  • Plate reinforced suppprts attach to the inner bed profiles and the inner C-Beams on the Y Axis, ensuring further rigidity for Y C-Beams.
  • Optional Linear rail and linear guide upgrade available, no wheels, simpler assembly!
  • The Sled overhang acts as a dust protector for the wheels (the overhang is where the optional linear guides fit)
  • Minimal Spindle hang eliminates spindle 'wobble'
  • Cable Chain support on the X axis
  • The design ensures all weight is balanced on the Y arms, for smoother motion



TITAN GAMBIT! Twin Axis, Twin lead screw kit


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