Steel Y Plates, twin set, 6mm width, ultra rigid, enhanced design. Complete with Flanged Bearing (not shown)



Do they have to run 2 c beams?

No. You can still run 1 C-Beam and fit 2040 or other extrusion to the back of the plate.


Are they drilled out for HGH15CA carriages?

Yes, and HGH20 narrow carriages


Do they allow for four carriages, 2 top 2 bottom on the edge of the c beam?



The Plasma cut HGH holes in the Y plate are for linear rails that would be placed at the edge of the C-Beam


Can the Linear Rail upgrade be fitted to these Y plates?

Yes, these plates use the original wheel holes which are still on the plate.


Will the Sure Grip Lead nuts fit the plate?

Yes, but the sure grip nut cannot be fitted with the 20mm HGH20 narrow carriages, 15mm carriages / blocks can be used. 



Are the taller upgrade plates machined flat?

They are Plasma cut flat


Are they drilled or punched holes?

Plasma cut



  • Left or right main C-Beam placement, so the lead screw can be front or back
  • Built in holes for extra C-Beam or other extrusion to provide Anti-Twist solution for X axis
  • Grommet hole replaces rectangular hole so wiring is contained
  • 6mm width steel plate
  • Fits all WorkBee models
  • Lifts the X axis C-Beam 50mm to provide 50mm more Z travel for your WorkBee
  • Compatible with wheel or linear rail.
  • HGH15 or HGH20 narrow carriages can be fitted, to accomodate edge of C-Beam mounting. (see note above about 20mm carriages / blocks)
  • NEW!! Two of bearing holes, one is the normal placement the other is to fit our new 12mm ballscrew upgrade!


50mm Taller, 6mm steel Y Gantry Plates for the WorkBee CNC

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