CNC Kit 'Extras'

  1.  Leg Kit

    Leg assemblies provide a sturdy support system for your CNC machine (optional if you already have a solution to support the machine at working-height)

  2.  CNC Control System

    Nema 23 or Nema 34 CNC control systems are required, the costs of these vary depending on the software in use, from £150.00 for a GRBL type controller to £500.00 or more for a Mach 3 or higher cost for Mach4 type​​

  3.  Proximity Limit Switch Kit

    Provides active safety limits to prevent crashes and protect your machine and workpieces, offering plug and play integration with most CNC Control Systems. Limit switches would be utilised on cheap cnc systems.

  4.  CNC Cutting System

    This is the Spindle, and is a vital part of your CNC kit, recommended models are VFD water cooled type, with software controlled speeds for the spindle rotation.

  5.  Router / Spindle mount

    Must be purchased with the spindle to ensure correct fitting!

  6.  ER Collet and Nut Sets

    • Depending on what you intend to cut with your machine you may be better off purchasing a full collet set with your spindle

  7.  Mach3 or Mach4 CNC Control Software

    For business users a Mach 3 or Mach4 control software is highly recommended. GRBL software is available for lower cost solutions

  8.  CAM Software

    If you need a software solution for programming your CNC machine, we recommend Vectric products, other solutions are available though​

  9.  Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate

    This system allows for quick and precise setting of your tool height and work piece corner/edge location (recommended).

  10.  Tooling

    • CNC Router Bit Set (for your preferred application)



With these accessories and a PC/laptop to run the CNC control software, you will have everything you need to assemble your machine and get cutting!